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BURO Program: 

BURO Bangladesh stands for Basic Unit for Resources and Opportunities of Bangladesh

BURO Bangladesh is a national non-government social development organization was established in 1990 intended to work for the poor and rural people to reduce human poverty and also increase the income. Over the period, the organization emerges as a front ranking specialized microfinance institution. It provides high quality flexible financial and social services to one million low-income people, particularly the poor women.

BURO Bangladesh currently serves 2.203 million poor women through its 1102 branch offices which are managed by 9,846 full time work forces.

BURO Bangladesh is one of the first MFIs in the country to articulate a clear, unequivocal commitment to achieve financial sustainability by using commercial capital, and established itself as an independent institution. Since then it has been achieving milestones of success and eventually has attained financial sustainability.


Vision of BURO : 

A happy, prosperous and pluralistic democratic society that meets the basic needs of the people in Bangladesh.


Mission of BURO:

An independent, sustainable, cost-effective microfinance institution that provides diverse, appropriate and market responsive, quality financial and business development services at competitive prices along with other social development programs to very poor, poor and vulnerable non-poor customers.


The list of separeted employees who will be not considered for reemployment in our organisations.